Rear Bearing Shield Sets

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Allows easy cleaning & lubrication of axle bearings without removing the axle. Sold in sets of two; black anodized.

Choose your style from the list below:

PM-56A                  1.590 Race O.D. (fits FYH small brg)

PM-56B                  1.605 Race O.D. (fits NTN small brg)

PM-56C-1.585       1.585 Race O.D. (fits RBI small brg)

PM-56C-1.605       1.605 Race O.D. (fits RBI new style small brg)

PM-56D                   1.868 Race O.D. (fits FYH big brg)

PM-56E                    1.891 Race O.D. (fits Sealmaster/VPR big brg)

PM-56F                    1.842 Race O.D. (fits RBI big brg)

PM-56G                    1.842 Race O.D. (fits PRC Ceramic big brg) 


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