Maxxis HT3 Pinks

Maxxis EL & HT3 Tire Sets

$ 430.00

Maxxis EL and HT3 tire sets are cut & finished on your choice of black or silver wheels.

SET900H - HT3 set on silver wheels

SET900HBLK - HT3 set on black wheels

SETEL - EL set on silver wheels

SETELBLK - EL set on black wheels

Speedway Dirt Pinks
Size Matters!! Wider is Better!! The HT3-W, aka “wides” or “pinks”, is the fastest kart tire on dirt. Sharing the same material make-up as the championship-winning HG3, but with reduced tread depth and wider contact patch provides maximum performance.

Speedway Dirt Blues

Maxxis “Blues” have earned the reputation as the best and fastest kart racing tire ever produced. Available in 6.0 and 4.50 configurations make the “Blues” the perfect inside mate for the new HT3-W.

Very Hard Dry Spec Tire EL

Finally, a true spec tire! EL stands for “entry level”. This tire is designed for extra long life and performance.

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