Liquid Speed # 2

Liquid Speed™ Tire Prep #2-Gallon

$ 80.00


LS2 External prep for dry, medium to high bite tracks; 1 gallon jug.

LS2 is strictly used on the outside for best results. LS2 is to be used in conjunction with LS1 for weekly use and TS2 for trackside use. LS2 can be applied in a variety of ways, from pan rolling to wiping. For best results and proper cure time, wiping is the best method. For more bite and softer tires, pan rolling is the best method. For example, a set that has been internally prepped with thirty cc’s of LS1 for use on a day time, higher bite track. Wipe tires two times a day for three days, with a day for cure time.

For a lower bite race, or night time race, use more internal prep. For example, a set with ninety cc’s: the tires should be pan rolled for maximum bite. Typically when pan rolling LS2, no heat should be applied. To make tires softer, apply heat. A good starting point for the ninety cc’s tires should be ten to fifteen minutes. For every ten minutes the tires toll in the pan, they drop about two points on the durometer.

To increase durometer drop, roll tires at approximately one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Keep an eye on your tires if pan rolling as this can be a dangerous process-especially if heat is applied. When pan rolling tires with LS2, a cure time of two days is needed for best results.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the hazardous nature of this product, we are only able to ship it via Ground services.


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