Pro X-Cel Calipers

MCP Calipers- Mini Lite & Pro X-cel

$ 155.53

The MCP Mini-Lite Caliper is the racer's choice for applications that don't require a lot of brakes - oval racing, low horsepower/weight classes. Bolt Pattern 1-7/8" center to center; use with 3/16" nylon brake line. - $ 155.53

MCP's Pro X-Cel is a high performance aluminum brake caliper featuring two 1-3/16" bore pistons. It uses the new shim-style adjusters & comes in two halves for easy installation. Bolt hole spacing is 1.875" center-to-center and fit 5/16" bolts. - $ 129.00

Brake pads included. Choose your caliper from the dropdown menu.

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