Liquid Speed # 3

Tire Prep - Liquid Speed™ #3-Quart

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LS3 Internal and External prep for dry, cold, lower bite tracks; 1 quart can. 

LS3 - Internal and external prep for cold, dry, lower to medium bite tracks. LS3 has the same bite building characteristics as LS2, but is designed to be used in cold weather, lower bite situations. LS3 works exceptionally well on indoor dirt tracks, or outdoor clay tracks with a high sand content. Internal use - LS3 works well internally, but as we learn more and continue testing, we feel like the LSi is a better option, mainly for Maxxis in all situations, and Vegas in low bite situations. Weekly external use - LS3, for many years, has always been our “go to” prep when preparing tires for indoor dirt, or low bite situations and winter time racing. As stated before, LS3 has the same bite building characteristics as LS2, but will act more aggressive on
the tire due to its unique chemical makeup. Expect a 2-10 point durometer drop depending on how much is used. On average, between 1, up to 10 coats can be wiped weekly, depending on track surface grip with a 1 day cure time being sufficient. Pan rolling is not recommended for LS3. Trackside use - LS3 works best on slightly tacky to drier, lower to medium bite style tracks, usually caused by cold temperatures with a lack of sunlight; or on a track that is “calcium slick” due to over saturation in colder, cloudy weather. For quicker drying time mix UP TO 50% with Speedy 500. For more bite, mix UP TO 50% with TS2, although this mix will require heat (around 100 degrees) to be absorbed in a timely manner, and to create the
surface bite needed. Suggested starting point is 80% LS3, 20% TS2. This mix works well when the track surface is more on the tackier side (slightly sealed, glazed looking), but not overly wet. If the track is greasy due to being calcium slick, or is not drying out, it is recommended to mix LS3 with LS4 in a 50/50 ratio. This mix will be a softener style prep, and the tire used will then be designated for that purpose only.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the hazardous nature of this product, we are only able to ship it via Ground services.


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