Liquid Speed #4 Quart

Tire Prep - Liquid Speed™ #4-Quart

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LS4 External prep for wet, cold, lower bite tracks; 1 quart can.

LS4 - External prep for wet, low bite tracks. Also used in extreme dry slick, sealed over situations when a “wet” tire is required. LS4 is a softener, unlike any of the other chemicals in the Liquid Speed line, and once it is used on a known tire, that tire will only be able to be used in that specific situation. LS4 will soften dramatically on all brands of tires, but the tire will only stay soft if it is constantly being wiped on, whether weekly at the track or during the week. The tire will harden back up over time, but the bite from LS4 will stay with the tire for its entire course. Weekly use - It is not recommended to use LS4 weekly on any compound Burris tire. LS4 is to
be used during the week when preparing a Maxxis, or Vega, for extreme wet, low bite situations. Expect a 5 to 25 point durometer drop depending on the amount used. LS4 can be wiped to achieve a desired durometer reading, or pan rolled for extreme, quick, softening. Wiping LS4 is more controllable, with about a 3 to 5 point drop with only a few coats. When pan rolling LS4, expect roughly a 10 point drop for every 30 minutes rolled, at room temperature. Adding heat (around 100 degrees) will speed up the soaking process, and add a much more aggressive surface grip to the tires once dried. If the LS4 is becoming too aggressive for a weekly wipe, or softening is no longer needed, switch to LS1, or let them sit untouched. LS4 can also be mixed
with LS2 for a weekly wipe with a good starting point being 20% LS4, 80% LS2. Heat is recommended when pan rolling LS4 trackside in extreme wet situations caused by rain, or an over saturation of water and calcium. Trackside use - LS4 can be used straight as long as there is deep moisture in the track surface, and no dust or “film” is present. LS4 can also be used straight, and can be applied very heavy right before qualifying, or racing on extreme hard slick tracks, caused by limited moisture and an extremely hard, “sealed” track surface. For faster dry time, LS4 can be mixed in a 50/50 ratio with TS1, or Speedy 500. If a known track stays wet, but becomes “filmy” over the course of the race night, mix LS4 UP TO 50% with TS2 but this mix will require some dry time. Another mix for a wet, but “filmy” track surface is ⅓ LS4, ⅓ TS1, ⅓ TS2. This mix dries well and offers excellent surface grip.


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