Liquid Speed TS1 Quart

Tire Prep - Liquid Speed™ #TS1-Quart

$ 30.00


TS1 For dry, hot, dry/slick tracks; 1 quart. 

TS1 (Trackside 1) - External prep for dry, hot, and dry slick tracks. A fast drying, very light prep used for “firing” tires on good biting tracks. Weekly use - it is not advised to use TS1 during the week. Trackside use - TS1 works best during the day on a good biting, slightly dry slick track caused by higher kart counts and sunny, warm weather. Expect no durometer drop, no matter how much is used. For a day race that runs into evening or night, or a track surface that loses grip due to lack of sunlight, mix TS2 UP TO 50% with TS2. A good starting point is 80% TS1, 20% TS2. If more bite is needed, increase the amount of TS2. TS1 also works great as a drying aid for all other LS preps.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the hazardous nature of this product, we are only able to ship it via Ground services.


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