racing kartKart Parts For The Racers of Virginia

Are you a racer in Virginia looking for kart parts? Do you want to improve your kart, one part at a time to shave off every second of the clock and dominate on the track? Then Performance Manufacturing Corporation is your solution. No matter where you are in Virginia, we will ship our kart parts directly to your door!  

Kart PartsAbout Our High Quality Parts

For us, its not just about stocking kart parts. We go beyond that. We have a whole facility that we make our kart parts from. This gives us the ability to be in control of the quality of each and every part that we produce. From gears all the way up to full chassis and everything in between, we control the outcome. Our parts are created with lightweight and durability in mind, giving our riders every chance to improve their kart with every part they add on. 

Kart PartsCustom Kart Parts

We don’t stop there! In our custom manufacturing facility, we will actually create custom kart parts for racers if needed. Though we have an extensive inventory of parts, we want to take it a step further and remove limitations on possibilities. We make our custom kart parts possible by using a computer animated drawing program (CAD) and Solid Works. These programs allow us to take your ideas and needs, plan them out and draw them in a computer, giving our manufacturing machines blueprints for the exact specs you require. 

kart chassisContact Us

If you have any questions about our high quality kart parts or you have questions about custom parts, give us a call. We are more than happy to speak to you. You can also shop directly from our ecommerce website. We have search functionality so you can save time and look directly for the part you need.
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