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Pedal Kits: Unleash Your Kart Racing Potential in Rochester, NY

Get ready to experience the thrill of the race and take your performance to the next level in Rochester, NY, a hub for competitive kart racing enthusiasts. A key factor that makes or breaks a kart's performance is the pedal kit, responsible for signaling the engine to run. Our pedal kits are not just any pedal kit, but one that boasts a perfect balance of strength and lightweight design, ready to withstand the rigors of racing while keeping the kart as nimble as possible.

Our junior pedal kits come in black anodized finish and are created for our SLACK Xpect & Pursuit models. This may work on other chassis as well. Call us to discuss specifications. We can also create custom pedal kit parts if needed.

Enhance Your Racing Experience with Comfortable, Lightweight & Durable Pedal Kits

Performance Manufacturing Corporation, a leader in high-performance kart racing components, is here to help you win. With a focus on performance and optimization, our pedal kits deliver unbeatable performance on the track, offering both standard and custom options to fit your specific kart racing needs.

The secret to the success of our pedal kits lies in their lightweight, but durable design. Using only premium materials, we create pedal kits that are strong, yet feather-light, reducing the chance of failure. But we don't just stop at lightweight design, the shape and positioning of the pedals are crucial too. Racers need a comfortable and secure grip to control the kart with confidence, and that's exactly what our pedal kits offer – a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Your One-Stop Shop for Racing Kart Parts in Rochester, NY

In addition to top-notch pedal kits, we also offer a wide range of kart racing components available for purchase in Rochester, NY directly from our online store. From pedal kits to chassis and other racing components, we have everything you need to upgrade your kart's performance. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Step up your game and take on the competition with pedal kits from Performance Manufacturing Corporation. If you have questions or want to inquire about custom parts, give us a call today!

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