Specialized CAD Services Within Performance Manufacturing Corporation

Performance Manufacturing Corporation mainly focuses on providing you with CAD services that quickly creates a custom 3D solid model of your choice , rapidly creating and manufacturing the most efficient and complex components for not just racing karts, but other components of your choice as well. The vast design software which is used possesses many benefits whilst our engineers are working on your products. Some of the benefits of the Solid Works design services within our team include:

  • Speedier design and development as well as detailing
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Assessment of the design capabilities and performance the production of a prototype
  • Automatically generated manufacturing data for solid models which use programming CAD machine tools and quick prototyping equipment.

The Solid Works services which we use to design, ensures that any amendments made to the custom designed products are updated within the illustrations on the system before the model is manufactured.

With our CAD and Solid Works design software, the features further enable us to:

  • Manufacture 3D solid models of any part, irrespective of scale and complexity.
  • Quickly revise designs by regulating key design factors.
  • Create surfacing for any 3D geometry irrespective of intricacy or stylization.
  • Generate in depth 3D model evaluations instantly on a broad range of properties such as mass, density as well as moments of inertia.

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