Liquid Speed TS2 Quart

Tire Prep - Liquid Speed™ #TS2-Quart

$ 35.00


TS2 External prep for dry, medium bite tracks; 1 quart can.

TS2 (Trackside 2) - External prep for dry, medium bite tracks. This is an extreme bite builder, used for creating bite when used alone, with little to no durometer drop. TS2 can be mixed with any other LS preps to create more bite in that particular prep, mainly used track side. Weekly use - although it is not highly recommended to use TS2 weekly, there are situations where it can be helpful, mainly on very low bite dry slick tracks, or a track that is somewhat tacky but continues to blow off a “film.” Expect a slight durometer drop when TS2 is used straight during the week, roughly between 2-4 points, depending on the number of coats applied. A good starting point is between 1 and 4 coats. If tires start feeling “greasy”, stop wiping and let them sit untouched. The greasiness will turn into surface bite. Trackside use - It is uncommon to use TS2 straight trackside, due to its slow drying, greasier nature. If time allows, and heat (around 100 degrees) is used, it is possible to build an extreme amount of surface bite trackside, when used straight. It is recommended to mix TS2 with any other LS prep when more bite is demanded from that certain prep, UP TO 50%. Most commonly TS2 is mixed with TS1 in a 50/50 ratio.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the hazardous nature of this product, we are only able to ship it via Ground services.

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