Liquid Speed # 1

Tire Prep - Liquid Speed™ #1-Gallon

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LS1 Internal and External prep for dry, hot, high bite tracks; 1 gallon jug.

LS1 - Internal and external prep for dry, hot, high bite tracks. LS1 can be used both internally and externally on all brands of tires. For internal use - LS1 is mainly used on natural rubber style tires (i.e. Burris and Vega.) Each ounce, or 30 cc, will drop the durometer roughly 1-2 points. The amount used will be dependent on temperature and track surface grip, and anywhere from 1 to 3 ounces is a normal range. Suggested roll time - 24 hours with a suggested cure time of 3-4 days. For weekly external use - LS1 works on all brands of tires and you can expect no durometer drop, no matter how much is wiped. LS1 is a great weekly bite builder that won’t drop your durometer reading, but will build bite and also will create a longer lasting (deeper) style bite. Generally speaking, there are no certain amount of wipes that we suggest weekly, anywhere from 1 coat, and up to 10 coats is not uncommon, this obviously depends on temperature, and track surface grip. Trackside use - LS1 can also be used trackside as well, but is not our first “go to” prep. Use LS1 trackside for a decent biting, dry slick track. When using LS1, especially on dry slick surfaces, be sure to have a cure time of at least 15-20 minutes. Not giving the tire enough cure time at the track will cause a “chemical slide,” and more than likely cause the tire to
give up.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the hazardous nature of this product, we are only able to ship it via Ground services.



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