Liquid Speed # 2

Tire Prep - Liquid Speed™ #2-Gallon

$ 90.00


LS2 External prep for dry, medium to high bite tracks; 1 gallon jug.

LS2 - External prep for dry, medium to high bite tracks. LS2 is used externally on all brands of tires. Weekly use - Unlike the LS1, LS2 will build more bite, but will also soften to a certain extent. Depending on the number of coats applied, expect a 2-6 point drop. On average, between 1 to 6 coats applied weekly, depending on weather and track surface grip. Cure time will also be dependent on track surface grip. For a higher bite surface, roughly a 3 day cure time is recommended while for lower bite surfaces, a 1 day cure time is sufficient. Pan rolling is also an option, although not recommended. Pan rolling will provide a much different result over wiping. A pan rolled tire will have more chemical volume, depending on time rolled, but will lack
the surface grip a wiped tire provides. Trackside use - LS2 works best on medium bite style tracks, which is caused by limited sunlight and cooler temperatures, or a slightly tacky, glazy, nighttime surface. For quicker drying time, when used on higher bite surfaces, mix LS2 in a 50/50 ratio with TS1. If MORE BITE is needed, mix LS2 with TS2 UP TO 50%. A good starting point is 80% LS2, 20% TS2. Heat (around 100 degrees) can also be used to accelerate dry time and will also create a deeper, more aggressive bite. It is highly recommended that the tires be completely dry before racing.

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