Tire Prep - Liquid Speed™ #LSi-Gallon

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LSi - internal prep for Maxxis HT-3 tires; 1 gallon jug.

LSi - Internal prep specifically designed for Maxxis HT-3 tires. LSi can also be used on the inside of Vegas in lower bite situations. Internal use - for every 10 cc used, expect a 1 point drop in durometer. LSi is used in the range of 50 cc up to 125 cc. A good starting point for summer time racing is between 50 and 75 cc in a right side (9.00) Maxxis. Use approximately 30% (or 25 cc) less in the left side tires (4.50 and 6.00). For Spring and Fall racing, use between 100 and 125 cc in a right side Maxxis. Suggested roll time - 12 hours at room temperature (around 70 degrees). Suggested cure time - anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. Cure time is dependent on weather and track surface grip. On a lower bite track, caused by either cool and cloudy weather
or a track surface that is slightly dry slick, a 1 - 3 day cure time is recommended, and in extreme situations, internal prepping at the track is also an option (with heat). For a good biting track surface, or summer time racing, a 2 week up to 1 month of cure time is recommended. For Vegas, in very low bite situations where a durometer reading of 40 and below is needed, a good starting point is 75 cc in the right side tires (8.00) and 50 cc in the left side tires (4.50 and 6.00). Up to 4 ounces (120 cc) can be used in a right side Vega.

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