Performance Manufacturing Corporation provides a variety of custom manufacturing services to help bring your products and equipment to life. We enable businesses in a variety of industries aside from our specialty of kart part production. One important service we provide is CNC services. 

CNC (computer numerical control) is a great way to ensure accuracy in a way that humans could not replicate repeatedly. CNC services can be done in a variety of ways from CNC milling to CNC turning. Our CNC machines are programmed for precision, speed, reliability, accuracy, and are fully capable of producing innovative tooling and fixturing in a timely manner. 


CNC Milling

Our CNC milling services are performed with high accuracy and excellent quality. This is essential in the creation of many prototypes, modeling, and aluminum machining. We can cut a wide variety of materials with our milling including aluminum, steel, titanium, copper, bronze, zinc, and much more. Without our milling process, our custom part manufacturing would not be possible. So, how can we help you with our milling services?

CNC Turning

Do you need CNC turning services? Our turning services are highly accurate and efficient for creating rotational parts. Parts that contain holes, grooves, threads, tapers, have various diameter steps, and contoured surfaces are created with accuracy and perfect repetition for every product. We constantly keep our machines calibrated and up to the standards necessary for excellent results every time. 



We Manufacture & Offer a

Wide Variety of Products

  • Bumpers - Nerf Bars
  • Wheel - Hubs
  • Sprockets - Hubs - Gears
  • Axles - Keys - Collars
  • Rear Cassettes
  • Brake - Throttle
  • Spindle Components
  • Chassis Components
  • Motor Mounts - Parts
  • Tools - Tires - Bodies


Contact Us

Contact Performance Manufacturing Corporation for CNC milling and turning services. We will help to create your prototypes, products, components, and custom parts no matter what industry you are in!


Custom manufactured part

Custom manufactured part

Custom manufactured part

Custom manufactured part


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