As part of our CNC services, we offer CNC turning. Our CNC turning services will help create your cylindrical products and components. This process removes materials from a block that is held in a chuck and rotated. This is also called subtraction machining. Our CNC turning machines are highly precise and provide repetitive accuracy again and again for perfect results time and time again. Our CNC turning machines are incredibly fast, allowing us to mass-produce components very quickly. 

If your components and parts depend on precision and accuracy, then you can rely on Performance Manufacturing Corporation. We take our manufacturing seriously as we are known for creating award-winning race kart chassis. One of the things that make us stand out is how we take our excellent fabrication process and use it to create parts and components in other industries. 

Why Choose Performance?

We are driven to watch our clients succeed by enabling them with the parts they. Rely on us for any custom part you need. Whether you need racing parts, medical components, stereo components, or some other custom manufactured product, you can turn to Performance Manufacturing Corp! We have served a variety of different sized clients from the local and national level to global industries. Choose Performance Manufacturing Corp for all your CNC turning needs!