Race Kart Bodies For Buffalo, NY

champ kart bodyIf you are in the Buffalo, NY area looking for Kart Bodies, rely on Performance Manufacturing Corporation. We are a short drive away from the city and can supply you with high performance kart bodies and parts. Our Champ Kart body kit provides a foundation to build out an entire kart around. We also have other kart body parts that we sell individually, so you can upgrade your kart as you would like. Our kart bodies come in black or white as a base for other designs you may want to add in the future. 

We also carry a Junior Sportsman body kit. With that, our Elerator body, Pursuit Chassis body upgrades, and our various kart body parts, we are your complete source for improving your kart!  Infact, we have a custom manufacturing division that can create brand new custom parts for your kart body. Whatever you need! We can design it and bring it to life. We use 3D design programs that allow us to design all the parts with intricate detail and precise measurements so the manufacturing process is highly accurate. There is no better place to get your new kart body with custom parts when upgrading your kart.  

Why Choose Us?

We make shopping for a new kart body easy. Our website has an online store that you can order directly from. Some items may require you to call in for, but many items can be bought online and shipped directly to your door. You can also arrange to pick up your kart body. Please give us a call today to discuss your needs. 

Performance Manufacturing Corporation lives up to our name, performance! We are well established and reputable in the industry, which is why there are a number of kart companies out there that use our products under a different brand name. So, chances are you’ve already race Performance at one point in your career. 

The perks of these components include: Performance "Pill Style" Adjustable Cassettes

  • Billet Aluminum Pedals
  • Precision Clamp-on 4 Spoke Sprocket Hub
  • Rear Bumper - Standard or Loop
  • Lightweight & Adjustable Steering Hub
  • Adjustable Seat Struts & Front Seat Slides
  • Front & Rear Bearing Shields
  • MCP Lightweight Brake System
  • Pro Ultrafree Wheel Hubs
  • Tapered Wheel Studs w/Nuts

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Call us today or shop our body kits directly on our website. We look forward to providing for you and helping you shave off seconds of your track times, and to smash personal records while dominating the track.

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