Kart ChassisKart Chassis For Racers In Virginia

If you are a kart racer in Virginia and you are looking to take your racing to the next level, you can rely on Performance Manufacturing Corporation. We pride ourselves on our award winning kart chassis that has enabled racers all across the U.S. to elevate their racing and to dominate the track. Our chassis are built with extreme durability and are lightweight, giving our customers all the tools they need to improve race times. The kart chassis is one of the most important parts of the whole assembly. Of course, ever part has its place within the kart, but the Chassis is like the central piece that holds it all together. It is the backbone, so why not give yourself the best backbone you possibly can? 


Kart ChassisWhy Choose Performance Manufacturing?

Simple, our dedication to our customers, excellent customer service, and our ability to produce top-level racing chassis. Our products must meet 3 criteria before we can market them to our customers. They must: fill the need of the racer, be of the highest quality and design as well as being durable and affordable for all racers. With these 3 criteria constantly being met, it has allowed us to enable racers all across the U.S. for better performance. In fact, we have been trusted by various brands to be the manufacturer of their products. Thats right! Chances are you are already racing Performance products. Our racing chassis are extremely durable, lightweight, and dependable. See more about us!

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