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Kart Manufacturer Rochester NYAttention racers and motor sport enthusiasts in Rochester! If you are looking to enhance your racing times and give yourself the best possible chance to win on the track, you need to check out our kart chassis and parts. We are racing kart manufacturers serving the Rochester, NY area with performance-designed karts.

Customizable Racing Kart Parts

We have carefully designed and manufactured kart chassis to be as lightweight, durable, and performance-driven as possible. These chassis are excellent ways to enhance your racing experience. Being kart manufacturers, your selection for parts has no limits. If you need a custom part designed and created, we can certainly do that for you. In fact, our custom manufacturing has gone beyond the race track and enabled other companies in various industries. But we know racing. In fact, there are many other brands that use our chassis in their products. So, chances are, you are already racing performance! 

Quality Products, Every Time

We make our products to be of the highest possible quality, durability and affordability, so you can get as much value as possible. As kart manufacturers and enthusiasts, we understand that the motor alone is not the end all be all for a kart. It is about weight, handling, durability, and more. Our chassis are manufactured to put the driver in the best position possible before adding a motor (which we do offer parts for). Even motors have parts that impact how well it will perform and last. 

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Contact us or browse our online store where your purchases will be shipped to you. We are located at 80 Telegraph Road Middleport, NY 14105, a short afternoon's drive from Rochester, NY. 

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