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Kart Manufacturer Buffalo NYPerformance Manufacturing Corp is your premier kart manufacturer for the Buffalo, NY area. Something that separates us from other karting companies is our ability to create our own parts. Not only do we do this and manufacture highly popular kart chassis, but we can create custom parts that will enable you to have more control over your kart and ultimately, how you race. 

The stock kart parts that we manufacture are created with durability in mind. We try to make our parts as light, yet strong as possible, giving our racers every opportunity to decrease the weight of their kart and improve their speed without sacrificing longevity and durability of the kart. 

How We Do It

We have plenty of experience in the industry and have even allowed other brands to sell our kart parts as their brand, making us a reliable resource. Our kart manufacturing is possible because of the knowledge, experience, and facility we have. The brilliant engineering minds at our facility use advanced CAD and SolidWorks programs to design parts in a 3 dimensional space. Then, we use our advanced facility to bring these digital creations into the real world. 

Custom Parts

As established kart manufacturers, we want to provide the best products we possibly can. We have found a successful recipe for success on many of our parts, but we understand that every racer is unique and their karts may also require a unique part. Our manufacturers can create custom parts for you. Using the programs mentioned previously, we translate your ideas and needs into a digital plan, which we then use to program our machines to make your parts. 

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Whether you need a custom part or you are looking for a reliable brand to incorporate into your racing venture, you can rely on the kart manufacturers at Performance Manufacturing Corp to enhance your racing through upgrading your kart. We are near Buffalo, NY, but you can also order parts directly from our website. 

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