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Calling all kart racers of West Virginia! Are you looking to improve race times and dominate the tracks? Are you ready to elevate your racing to the next level? Then rely on Performance Manufacturing Corporation. We are a manufacturing company with a need for speed and high performance. We don’t just make kart parts that meet specs, we create kart parts that have a purpose, to win! Our parts are built to be extremely durable and lightweight, giving you everything you need to kick your racing up a notch. 


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We have an extensive inventory of high-performance kart parts to pick from. Everything from a single ½” camber nut to kits, motor mounts, steering components, wheels, and full chassis can be purchased online and shipped right to you. You can assemble a full kart through our inventory of high quality kart parts. We have proven, award-winning chassis that many racers have come to love. In face, we manufacture so many high quality parts that they can be found in various other brands of racing karts. So, chances are, you are already racing Performance!

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All of our parts are built with 3 basic requirements. They need to fill the need of the racer, be of the highest quality & design as well as being durable and affordable for all racers. Our custom manufacturing sector allows us to build you custom kart parts for your unique setup if needed! We are also dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support to our customers by our honest, hardworking staff with many years of knowledge and experience.

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Again, if you are in the West Virginia area and you are an avid racer, browse our site, we are confident you will find something that will help enhance your racing. So the next time you are at the tracks, give yourself the best chance of winning with Performance Manufacturing Corporation.

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