Pedal Kits

Pedal KitWhen it comes to racing, every component of the kart matters. Some more than others, but to 
to an extent, everything needs to be designed with performance and optimization in mind. One very important part that is in direct contact with the drive and responsible for signaling the engine to run is the pedals. Performance Manufacturing Corporation creates pedal kits with a winning design in mind. Durability and lightness need to find a mutual harmony or balance to allow for a lightweight kart, while still maintaining structural integrity. 

Our junior pedal kits come in black anodized finish and are created for our SLACK Xpect & Pursuit models. This may work on other chassis as well. Call us to discuss specifications. We also can custom create pedal kit parts if needed. 

Why Performance Manufacturing?

We have proven winning chassis that have been improving racers times and allowing them to dominate on the track. We have a large inventory of parts that can be directly purchased from our online store. And best of all, we can create custom parts. Our pedal kits and other parts are already designed with efficiency, and durability in mind for the best race-winning formula, but customers with unique specification requirements will know that they can trust us to even help design their custom parts before creating them, if necessary. In fact, it’s only us who are confident in our products, many brands actually use PMC parts as their products under a different brand. So, chances are you are already racing Performance!

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