Race Kart Bodies

Performance Manufacturing Corporation has been of the leading companies for the manufacturing and supply of racing kart components for many years. We pride ourselves in creating some of the most durable racing kart components which can be custom designed and created up to your standards. Our team of highly trained professionals work in our manufacturing site to provide you with racing karts designed and manufactured with the best computer aided designing software in the market. Although our racing karts are labeled and branded under different names, our racing kart bodies and components have won various awards.

Most of our products are sold online for your convenience. You can also have our products shipped and delivered to any address nationwide. Some of the products we specialize in include slack body kart components, almost every type of bracket in the market as well as side panels, low side bodies, and high-side bodies, body kits and even complete deluxe body kits without every minor part you need for your racing kart.

Custom Kart Components

Our components are usually purchased by some of the most renowned named brands in the industry. Our usual buyers include racing kart mechanics as well professional teams looking for components for their racing's karts. We also work in producing high performance kart chassis. Our slack karts feature the best, premium quality components.

The perks of these components include: Performance "Pill Style" Adjustable Cassettes

  • Billet Aluminum Pedals
  • Precision Clamp-on 4 Spoke Sprocket Hub
  • Rear Bumper - Standard or Loop
  • Lightweight & Adjustable Steering Hub
  • Adjustable Seat Struts & Front Seat Slides
  • Front & Rear Bearing Shields
  • MCP Lightweight Brake System
  • Pro Ultrafree Wheel Hubs
  • Tapered Wheel Studs w/Nuts

We take the utmost care in designing and producing the most efficient race kart chassis's, suited to fit your skill level, regardless of whether you are a beginner an experienced driver in the industry.

Browse our website today and see how Performance Manufacturing Corporation can help you! If you would like to inquire more about getting your components custom designed and manufactured, you may contact our company personally and we will gladly assist you.

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