racing kartKart Parts For Racers In Rochester, NY

Are you a racer in the Rochester, NY area? Are you looking to enhance your kart to enable yourself to race even faster? Then you can rely on Performance Manufacturing Corp.  We have a wide variety of kart parts that will put you in a great position to improve your speed and win races.  From small parts to bigger more important and impactful parts, we do it all! 

Our parts are created with performance in mind. So, when we create each part, our customers will get the most out of that part. Even if it is a small replacement part. We have designed our parts to be lightweight and durable, whenever possible.  In fact, all of our parts need to fill 3 criteria.

  1. They need to fill the need of the racer.
  2. They need to be of the highest quality and design.
  3. They need to also be affordable for all racers.  

Kart Parts

Custom Part Creation

When racers require certain parts that do not come stock, Performance Manufacturing Steps up to the challenge. We have a custom manufacturing department that not only builds the new parts, but designs them as well. We use special CAD and SolidWorks programs to think up a design, plan it out, and then create it in real life. So when you need custom kart parts, you can truly get custom parts that best fit your needs!

Kart Parts

High Quality Products, Excellent Customer Service
To take it one step further, we realize that a good product isn’t always the full picture. We provide excellent customer service and support to our customers.  Our staff is honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, and driven to provide you with the best service possible.

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Rochester is a short drive from our factory. It can be easily done in a day’s drive. This is advantageous to our neighbors over in Rochester as pickup orders will be much easier and save you time and money!
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