Racing Go Kart Frames

racing go kart frameSelecting the right racing go kart frame is crucial when trying to be the best on the track. Being a successful racer has many factors. The skill of the driver, obviously a huge factor, is not the only factor. Your equipment matters. Your kart matters, and the parts your kart is made of matters. The frame is crucial as the bones of the kart, the foundation. It needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure and load bearing of the races, while being light enough to take away as much resistance on your engine as possible. 


Built To Perform

Our racing go kart frames are built for performance. It’s in our name. We have a line-up of proven racing go kart frames that have brought success to many racers. Furthermore, everyone is different, and your kart may need to be too! If you like our frames, but need something different, we have a custom manufacturing division that can create all kinds of custom parts. Perfect for modifying our already proven kart frame and putting your own twist on it. 


Why Choose Performance Manufacturing Corporation?

In addition to our high-end racing go kart frames and custom manufacturing capabilities, we’ve already proven ourselves among the racing community. Believe it or not, there are many brands that are using their brands on our karts. So, chances are you’ve already raced a Performance kart! 

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If you have any questions or you would like to inquire about a custom part, please contact us! If you need a new kart frame and other kart parts, please feel free to check out our online store or subscribe to our catalog. 

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