Racing Kart Parts For Pennsylvania

Attention kart racers in Pennsylvania! If you are looking to further optimize your kart and enhance your skills to lower your track times, now you can with Performance Manufacturing Corp.  It’s in the name, performance! We have a winning mindset when we manufacture our racing kart parts. We have a large inventory of racing kart parts, but we can also custom create parts to meet your specific needs. If you know what part you need and you have technical drawings of the part, we can manufacture it. If not, our CAD designers can draw up a part that meets your requirements, then we can manufacture it. 

Why Choose Performance Manufacturing Corp?

kart partsAs we mentioned, we have a mindset that is built for performance. We use cutting-edge technology and design to manufacture the lightest and most durable racing kart parts possible. In fact, we have had such great success with these parts, that many brands actually use our proven winning chassis under different brand names. So, chances are, you’re already racing Performance!

Though we are located in Middleport, NY, we can easily ship you your parts, no matter where you are. We make it as easy as possible for our customers by having our items available online for purchase. With tons of dedication and hours put into our products, we have grown to be one of the industry leaders as a kart part supplier in the United States. To further our customer service and ensure a process of ease, we help assist our customers with design and development of their products as we mentioned. 

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Give us a call today or check out the parts we have to offer. We welcome our PA guests to check out our store if you’re considering making a trip out here to enhance your kart. Of course, we are just as happy to help over the phone at your convenience. 

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