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Kart Manufacturer PennsylvaniaWelcome to Performance Manufacturing Corp., the leading kart manufacturer in Pennsylvania. We specialize in creating high-quality, performance-driven karts that are designed to help racers enhance their performance on the track. Our kart chassis are built to be lightweight, durable, and agile, making them the perfect choice for racers of all levels.

Custom Kart Part Manufacturer

As experienced kart manufacturers, we believe in providing the best possible products to our customers. We have the ability to manufacture our own kart parts, which allows us to customize our products to meet the unique needs of every racer. Whether you need a custom part designed and created or you are looking for high-quality stock parts, we have you covered.

The PMC Difference

Our commitment to quality is second to none. We make our parts to be as durable and affordable as possible, without sacrificing performance. Our kart chassis are manufactured to put the driver in the best position possible before adding a motor. Our selection of parts has no limits, and we are always pushing the limits of what's possible with our cutting-edge technology and materials.

How We Do It

We have plenty of experience in the industry and have even allowed other brands to sell our kart parts as their brand, making us a reliable resource. Our kart manufacturing is possible because of the knowledge, experience, and facility we have. The brilliant engineering minds at our facility use advanced CAD and SolidWorks programs to design parts in a 3-dimensional space. Then, we use our advanced facility to bring these digital creations into the real world.  Our value-added services, including heat treating, grinding, anodizing, plating, painting, and powder-coating, ensure that our customers receive a completely finished product. 

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At PMC, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support to our customers. Our honest, hardworking staff has years of knowledge and experience in the racing kart industry, ensuring that we always provide top-notch products that meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you achieve your racing goals in Pennsylvania.

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